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Holiday Property Payments Online for free

Looking for a way to pay for your holiday property rental, online?

Make a bank transfer direct to your holiday property letting agent using a new service.

Online payments made using:

  • Bank to bank transfers where you make an online currency exchange ( Pounds to euros or pounds to us dollars), and the money is exchanged for you at rates that are better than the banks, and is then forwarded to the booking agent of holiday letting company.
  • Online merchant services, where you pay using your debit card, or credit card, and the currency company exchanges your local currency for the one that the booking company requires. they then send the correct money to the booking company. You don’t have to hold your breath when you look at your card bill and find out how bad the exchange rate was when you made the payment, because you are told at the moment that you make the payment. The rates are highly competitive.

Gatehouse International have made arrangements with Holiday Money cards, so that registered clients can pay for their holiday accommodation abroad, online.

Participating holiday booking agents and companies simply enroll here FOR FREE, and they send their clients to the booking payment screen on Holiday Money Cards to make their payment.

Holiday Money Cards then take the payment ( off a card, or by bank transfer) in the client’s local currency. The money is then converted to the currency required by the holiday booking agent or company.

It is then sent to a pre-set account that the booking agent has supplied.

If the clients pay a deposit, the system at Holiday Money Cards keeps track of the balance required, and sends email reminders to the applicant, with copies going to the booking agent. Every time a payment is made, the same process takes place. The money comes off the client online and is paid direct to the agent’s account in the correct currency type. the balance due is adjusted and the booking agent is informed of the new payment.


No fuss, no fees, no commission charged to the client and everyone is happy.

Holiday booking agents, GO HERE       Client applications: Please visit Holiday Money Cards


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